The Nibud wants the income of two-income households to be taken into account to a greater extent, so that they can get a higher mortgage. That proposal can be found in the advisory report that the institute presented to the House of Representatives on Monday.

At the moment, 70 percent of the second income is taken into account when determining the maximum mortgage height. Nibud recommends increasing this to 80 percent from 2020.

If the rules remain the same, only households that will earn more in 2020 can get a higher mortgage. Households that continue to earn the same are deteriorating: they can borrow slightly less because of price increases. That is why Nibud proposes that the income of two-income households should be taken into account for a larger part.

The institute also advises offering buyers a higher mortgage if they go for a very economical home or take energy-saving measures. That applies to both new and existing mortgages, according to Nibud. Amounts up to 25,000 euros can be disregarded.