Household chain Marskramer has run into problems because only a limited number of items are being supplied, franchisees say to Het Financieele Dagblad ( FD ) on Monday. Media company Audax, the owner of parent company De Marskramer, recognizes the problems and says it is working hard on a structural solution.

Audax took over De Marskramer in April from Blokker, since then the flow of items that have been delivered to stores of Marskramer has run dry. "Audax delivers 160 articles, while I need four thousand", franchise Stephan Verzijlbergen tells FD.

The media company, which is publisher of HP / De Tijd and Party and manager of book stores AKO and The Read Shop, promised to supply 95 percent of the merchandise needed at the takeover, but the entrepreneurs say that they have not succeeded so far. Verzijlbergen says that Blokker supplied approximately 70 percent of the required items. "Certainly not perfect, but livable," says the franchisee.

To compensate for the shortages and to keep their head above water, the entrepreneurs say they will go into the country after work to buy items. "We can order a part online, at different web shops. But not nearly everything. So I drive around with a van after closing time, looking for things. Just like in the seventies. We were really thrown back in time," said a entrepreneur, who tells his story anonymously in the business newspaper.

Audax says it is working on a structural solution

In a response, CEO Casper de Nooijer from Audax said he regretted the situation. "The availability of goods from entrepreneurs associated with the Marskramer organization is unfortunately not what Audax wants at the moment. Audax is making every effort to resolve this as quickly as possible," says De Nooijer.

The CEO writes that the necessary issues have already been taken to resolve the deficits. For example, part of the Blokker stocks were taken over.

De Nooijer also emphasizes that Audax is not responsible for the supply of items, but that they only carry out the logistics part. The media company says it is actively looking for new suppliers.