The aviation union Southwest Airlines (SWAPA) is trying to hold Boeing responsible for the loss of more than 30,000 flights. On Monday, she announced that she had filed suit against the US aircraft manufacturer. The union members feel "consciously misled" by Boeing.

The manufacturer had made the pilot wrong information about the fitness of the aircraft, the union said. The pilots must be able to count on Boeing to provide truthful information, said SWAPA President Jonathan L. Weaks. "In the case of 737 Max, this did not happen." They accuse Boeing of wrongly classifying the aircraft as suitable for flight.

Due to the launch bans after the crashes in October and March, in which a total of 346 people died, had to be canceled, according to the union over 30,000 Southwest flights. As a result, the pilots had escaped more than $ 100 million in revenue. Southwest is the US airline with the most 737 Max machines in the fleet.

Already in June, an anonymous pilot in US court documents had sued Boeing for "significant income losses" and "severe emotional and mental suffering". He was almost forced to fly the 737 Max and bring not only himself, but also the crew and passengers in mortal danger.

Boeing is also sued by numerous members of the crash victims. The group is after the accidents, as the main cause of a software error, heavily criticized. Boeing is suspected of rushing the 737 Max to the market, neglecting its safety. US authorities are currently investigating whether everything was lawful at the time of licensing.