The number of reporting points for assistance fraud has increased considerably in recent years. If there were 44 reporting points in 2013, there were 149 this year. At least nine thousand tips come in every year, mainly about suspicions that social assistance recipients are undeclared or living together in addition to their benefits. This is the conclusion of a de Volkskrant survey among municipalities.

The actual number of tips is probably higher: not all municipalities keep track of the number of reports.

Most informants click anonymously, by sending an email, filling out an online form, calling or writing a letter. In proportion, Loppersum, Delft and Leeuwarden received the most tips about suspicion of a fraudulent neighbor in social assistance.

Whether the tips are correct is difficult to ascertain and differs per municipality. In Doetinchem less than a tenth of the tips turned out to be correct, while in Raalte it was more than 90 percent.

Public administration expert Paul Frissen says in de Volkskrant that citizens are not investigating officers and that caution is required when clicking. "It is about vulnerable citizens. A report is made in no time and you cause a lot of trouble for those who are affected."