The increased US import duties will apply for half of Dutch cheese exports to the US, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported Friday. The taxes of 25 percent start on October 18.

Total Dutch cheese exports to the US last year were worth around 80 million euros. Over 39 million euros in cheese products the higher rate must be paid.

The ministry still has a blow to the arm. Gouda and Edam cheese are not specifically mentioned on the list. But it is possible that products made from this, such as slices of cheese or grated cheese, are subject to a different arrangement. Then the amount of import tariffs on Dutch cheese products would be higher.

The same increased rate applies to pork sausages: around 600,000 euros in products are affected by the levy.

Other Dutch products were also mentioned on earlier lists. For the time being, according to the ministry, cookies, salmon, coffee, waffles and (non-) alcoholic drinks are not affected. But this can still change, a spokesman warns. The US is free to adjust the list.

Import tariffs in response to European support for Airbus

The United States is introducing increased import tariffs on European products in response to the support that the European Union provided for years to aircraft manufacturer Airbus. Trade organization WTO ruled that this state aid was unlawful. The WTO still has to agree with the import tariffs.

After the European Union, the US is the Netherlands' most important trading partner. In 2018, the Netherlands exported 23.8 billion euros worth of goods to the US. The most important export products are agricultural machinery, petroleum products and electrical appliances.