Because of the news from the United States about the harmfulness of e-cigarettes with THC and vitamin E oil, so-called vape shops in the Netherlands are seeing a drop in turnover of 30 to 40 percent. That says branch association Esigbond Thursday, after earlier reports from the NOS .

The shop owners receive many questions from people who are concerned about the harmfulness of the e-cigarette. In the US, hundreds of people suffer from a disease associated with the use of e-cigarettes with THC and vitamin E oil. Six people have since died from the disease.

Although the use of the e-cigarette is increasing sharply, there is still much uncertainty about how harmful the product is. The Dutch Association of Doctors for Pulmonary Diseases and Tuberculosis has, however, expressed its concerns and appealed to people who have lung complaints after using the e-cigarette. A handful of people have already reported.

The Ministry of Health is also trying to reduce the use of the product by, for example, banning advertising.

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