The debt of single parents has increased in Germany, according to a report. In 2018, single-parent households had an average of 22,000 euros in total debt, as the editorial network Germany (RND), citing a response from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs to a request from the AfD parliamentary group reported. In 2013 the value was 16,800 euros, 2008 at 13,100 euros.

According to the report, there were around 2.58 million single parents in Germany in 2018, 1.5 percent less than in the previous year. The share of gainfully employed among single parents was 72.8 percent last year.

On average in 2018, 181,000 single parents earned so little that they had to increase their wages with Hartz IV benefits. A year earlier, among the single parents were still 208,000 Aufstocker, it said. 41.5 percent of lone parents had their incomes last year below the so-called poverty risk threshold of 60 percent of the median income.

According to the report, AfD social politician René Springer called for stronger support from the lone parent. "The victims are mostly single mothers and their children."