The old private house cafe just before the opening was damaged "Still looking forward" Chiba Tateyama September 17 21:01

In Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, a building damaged by typhoon No. 15 was flooded by rain on the 16th, and a coffee shop that was aiming to open an old private house was also damaged. The owner's man wants to be a place where the locals can easily stop by if they want to be positive.

Mr. Kazunori Shoji from Tateyama City planned to open a cafe using an old private house in the middle of next month, but the roof was broken by Typhoon No. 15 and the room was flooded by rain on the 16th.

Shoji wanted to make the café a place where locals could stop, but the damage was so bad that it was difficult to open.

Still, if you want to be positive with the local people, we are still aiming to make it a place where the local people can easily stop by.

Mr. Shoji said, “I originally wanted to make a place where my local grandmother would have tea. You could do it like a volunteer with blue sheets. I think there are so many people that I still need support. "