The United States has come to the aid of Suriname to remedy the problems due to the large shortage of dollar bills in the country. The Federal Reserve, the US central bank, is sending a quantity of dollars to the South American country.

The extent of the transport is unknown. The shortage of dollar bills is, according to the Surinamese central bank, a direct consequence of the action of the Dutch Public Prosecution Service, which seized a cash shipment of nearly 20 million euros in 2018. That led to the cessation of activities of money transporters to and from the country.

Although Suriname has its own Surinamese dollar, many transactions are done with US dollars. This happens in the gold, wood and fish sectors, among others.

As a result of the dollar shortage, the exchange rate of the local currency has risen sharply against the US dollar. Consumers suffer from this because products are becoming more expensive.

In November, the judge examines the seizure of euros

The dollar bills that the Federal Reserve now makes available are made available to businesses and citizens through local banks. They transfer the counter value to the Surinamese central bank, which in turn settles it with the Americans.

According to the Central Bank of Suriname, the normal money transports will take place again before the end of the year. At the beginning of November, the Dutch court dealt with the complaint lodged by the country about the seizure of the euros.

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