Michiel Witteveen, owner of Blokker Holding, takes over toy stores Intertoys and Maxitoys, Witteveen confirms on Saturday in De Telegraaf . The acquisition is remarkable, since Intertoys was taken over by the Portuguese investment company Green Swan six months ago.

"The toy chains Intertoys and Maxi Toys will be completely Dutch again. Nothing will change for the staff. Santa Claus and Santa Claus are happy", Witteveen tells De Telegraaf . It is not known how much the Blokker owner pays for the toy chains. Witteveen states that the price paid is "competitive".

Witteveen takes over Intertoys and Maxitoys from the Portuguese investment company Green Swan, which took over the chains in March from the British investor Alteri.

Paulo Swan, CEO of Green Swan, said he had big plans for Intertoys in March. He then wanted to make Intertoys the toy store of Europe, but he failed. It is not known why Andrez is already selling the retail chain, but the newspaper speculates that the investment company hardly had any knowledge of retail trade.

Witteveen expects to have a formula for success with Blokker, Intertoys, Big Bazar (part of Blokker Holding) and Maxi Toys. "The difference is made by combining successful stores and brands in one group," says Witteveen. "This acquisition creates a strong player on the European market that, in terms of scale, is able to close the best deals when purchasing."