The United States sets higher import duties for goods from China, President Donald Trump reports Friday night. The announcement follows the Chinese decision to increase import tariffs on US goods.

Trump is introducing a 15 percent import tariff on September 1 out of 300 billion dollars (more than 270 billion euros) of Chinese goods, instead of the 10 percent he previously announced.

The announced rate of 25 percent on Chinese goods with a commercial value of $ 250 billion has also been increased by 5 percent. This import tax applies from 1 October.

China announced on Friday that it would levy import taxes of 5 and 10 percent on a total of 5,078 American products. This in turn was a reaction to the decision of the United States to apply an import rate of 10 percent to certain Chinese products.

The two countries have been involved in a trade dispute for some time.


Fierce struggle between the US and China is not just about trade