• Nobility: Fernando Falcó, Marquis of Cubas, dies seven months after the death of his brother Carlos

  • Relationships Esther Koplowitz, Fernando Falcó's unofficial widow

The death of the Marquis of Cubas this Tuesday, October 20, has brought back to the fore his former wife, Marta Chávarri (60) who at the end of the 80s became an icon of coated paper due to her scandals and love affairs.

The cover that



on Valentine's Day 1989 with the title Lo never seen by Marta Chávarri

has passed to the journalistic annals


The image clearly captured her pubis in the air

through her transparent pantyhose, as the still marquise, dressed in

A short orange dress, no panties.

The image, which went around the world and even an English tabloid titled as

The knickerless marchioness

(the marchioness without panties), was taken during a party at the trendy disco, Mau Mau and added fuel to the fire that two weeks before unleashed a cover of

Ten minutes

, where Marta and the financier Alberto Cortina, still married (she to Fernando Falcó and he to Alicia Koplowitz) were caught on a romantic getaway, leaving the Palais Schwarzenberg hotel in Vienna. At that time Marta, a stylish aristocrat with blonde hair blowing in the wind, what

modeled his statuesque figure

in Laly Ruiz, highlighting her with very tight jeans, boots and a jacket, she was already going strong in the media.

She was the granddaughter of the Marquis of Santo Floro and great-granddaughter of the Count of Romanones, as well as the niece of Natalia Figueroa, the singer's wife



His father, Tomás Chávarri, was a diplomat and

Marta had a more open education outside of Spain

and cosmopolitan than the modest native pijerío.

At 17 she settled in Madrid and two years later, she and her four brothers, one of whom, María, was married to the father of Isabel Sartorius's daughter, Javier Soto, suffered a terrible blow when they lost their mother. , Matilde, who died of a stroke at the age of 37 and soon came into existence

Fernando Falco

, an attractive forty-year-old marquis whose love resume featured none other than Cristina Onassis, former Empress Soraya, and actresses Gina Lollobrigida and Nadiuska.

He was the youngest son of the Dukes of Montellano, Manuel Falcó and Hilda Fernández de Córdoba, owners of the La Castellana palace where King Juan Carlos settled when he came to be educated in Spain.

Fernando and his brother

Carlos, Marquis of Griñón,

They were born in Dueñas, the Sevillian palace of the Duchess of Alba, cousin of the Montellano family, who gave them shelter in the Civil War.

Marta, who had lived in the United States, needed to revalidate her driving license in Spain and went to Fernando, president of the Real Automóvil Club.

True to the cliché of the forty-something and the young girl,

Falcó decided to cut his seductive ponytail to marry the aristocrat, 21 years younger.



It took place in June 82 in the Cathedral of Plasencia and was the cover of



warmed up for Marta's media rise


The birth of their only son Álvaro in 1983 seemed to consolidate the marriage, but only in appearance.

Fernando was back from the boisterous life but the very young Marchioness, to whom they came to offer a role in the cinema, longed to have fun and become a media icon.The atmosphere was conducive, because with Felipe Gónzalez in power, they were unleashed in Spain phenomena like


, of which Mario Conde was a faithful exponent, and

beautiful people,

decaffeinated socialism that worshiped power and money under the protection of the then Minister of Economy, Carlos Solchaga.

Far from hiding, the great fortunes were displayed on their yachts and mansions and even, to the delight of the


, were lavished at night in Madrid in nightclubs such as the Mau Mau or the flamenco room

The gate


Love, politics, finance and


shook hands, curious bedmates emerging, like

the socialist super minister Miguel Boyer and Isabel Preysler,

ex of Julio Iglesias and the Marquis of Griñón, or Mariano Rubio, governor of the Bank of Spain and the writer Carmen Posadas. 1988 was a key year for Marta, who that summer was elected

lady Spain

, a contest that rewarded women with social relevance, inheriting the scepter of Cayetana de Alba.

This made the financier Alberto Cortina notice her, who along with his cousin Alberto Alcocer, was a member of the famous duo Los Albertos, synonymous with power coupled with money from the Felipe era, largely acquired thanks to their wives, the billionaire sisters. Alicia and

Esther koplowitz


After the summer, the romance began to be an increasingly intense run run, even that Christmas some Efe photographers captured the couple leaving the Galaxia apartments in Madrid, a nest of clandestine love affairs.

It seems that Cortina

prevented those photos from seeing the light in exchange for 13 million pesetas,

Although he did not manage to stop the tsunami that hit him in February 1989, after his escape to Vienna and the cover of


showing her lover's pubic hair.

A love that cost Cortina dearly, as it caused his separation and his dismissal at the head of his wife's construction company, Construcciones y Contratas.

It also ruined the largest bank merger to be undertaken in Spain, that between Banesto and the Central Bank of Escámez promoted by Cortina and Alcocer, shareholders of both entities through Cartera Central. They say that behind the photo there was the shadow of Mario Conde, then president of Banesto and reluctant to merge, although it could not be proven.

Manuel Durán, president of the Once, did acknowledge to this newspaper that Cortina himself revealed that Antonio Asensio, president of the Zeta group that he edited


He alerted him at a breakfast at the Palace that he had compromising photos of Marta, asking him in exchange for not publishing them to stop the merger.

The consequences for the Marchioness of Cubas were also disastrous.

Not only did they dynamite her marriage to Fernando Falcó, who would later marry Esther Koplowitz, but she also lost her son Álvaro, who was left in the custody of his father.That September, Marta and Cortina settled in an apartment on General Arrando Street, in Chamberí and in December 1991 they were married civilly in Las Cuevas, the businessman's estate.

A fleeting marriage to which, according to their environment,


he was forced by the scandal unleashed and that in 1995 ended in divorce.

In 2002, the financier rebuilt his life with the beautiful

Elena Cue

, mother of his daughter Alejandra, with whom he is still married, while Chávarri completely disappeared from public life.

They claim that it was part of the agreement she reached with the businessman, which prevented her from marrying again, and for which she received a generous lifetime pay of 6000 euros per month and an apartment in the Salamanca district with service and driver included. Marta's has been full of ups and downs.

He has had several partners, among them the businessman Javier Salaverri, or the sculptor Richard Hudson.

They say that the domestic accident she suffered in 2013 whose sequel was facial paralysis caused her a great downfall, she has even been seen on occasion at the López Ibor psychiatric clinic, where she assured that she was going to see a friend, although she has admitted that from time to time he visited a psychologist.

Currently, his circle is reduced to his sisters María and Isabel and some intimate ones, dividing his time between the NGO Also, which integrates disabled people in sports, painting


and travel.

His passion is

his son Álvaro


executive of a marketing agency and boyfriend of Isabelle Junot,

daughter of the former Carolina de Monaco.

Accompanied by her, he fired his father at the La Paz funeral home on Wednesday, since Chávarri, whose separation from the Marquis of Cubas was very conflictive, did not attend the funeral, among other reasons because when he saw a photographer, he crossed the sidewalk.

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