The pioneers of social networking sites demanded to stop the electronic abuse campaign against the son of the Lebanese politician Gebran Bassil on his accounts on the communication sites, after he sent a message to his followers asking what was his fault? Why is he being bullied because of his father?

Gabriel, the son of the president of the largest representative bloc in parliament, and his father was a former minister of foreign affairs, energy and communications portfolios, said that he was being bullied on his TikTok and Instagram accounts because of his father.

"I am 14 years old, and what was the mistake that I did to make all this happen to me?"

It is noteworthy that Bassil (the son-in-law of President Michel Aoun) was the politician who was most angry by the demonstrators during the November 17 protests, and they also demanded that he resign.

Tweeters shared the video calling for an end to the bullying campaigns against him, stressing that his father's political stance does not give them the right to attack him.


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"Gibran Bassil is my father.
Many of you do not love
him and
I will not prevent you from opposing him. I love my father.
But why do you bully me?
I am confused.
I am 14 years old.
What have I done?" !!! # Cybercrime. com / DYOjYU0IYT

- Nishan (@Neshan) August 10, 2020

We differ in politics to the utmost limits. But you criticize a child after he does not know what politics is, this is the height of degeneration.
My son, to Minister Gebran Bassil, he speaks to the opponent, not to the supporter, and asks whether he singles me out.
A revolution stolen by thugs and degenerates # Defect

- EajElie (@eaj_elie) August 10, 2020

Very clever Gabriel. And too much digested. Many people used to convey the message, more than many of us knew to deliver it.
No hate speech! Not for bullying.
All the love for Elk Gabriel is the sweetest, digestive, and smarter of you❤️ # Gibran_Basil

- Josephine Deeb (@josephinedeeb) August 10, 2020

This child is the son of Minister Gebran Basil Gabriel, the bullying and lack of morals prompted him to say
I am a 14-year-old boy, what have I done to you?

And I in turn say: What did this child do to you?
And I remind you of the words of God Almighty
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and
do not visit another button.

May God Almighty believe

- Khaled Momtaz 🌍 Khaled Mumtaz (@momtaz_khaled) August 10, 2020

# Gabriel_jebran_basil: I am 14 years old. What did I sing about politics for following me Bullying messages

Minister Basil's son fired this cry after sick minds invaded his Instagram account to insult him and his father.

Cowards only use the son, mother, sister and father to correct politics. # Say_no_to_bullying

- AMEEN 🇱🇧 #PrayForBeirut (@Ameen_media) August 10, 2020

He is only 14 years old, who is exposed to the most ugly and disgusting bullying, but because his son is @Gebran_Bassil
away from politics, and where are the associations and personalities who want to stop bullying ?? Why do you like Pio? Okay, but that is what it is for !!
Gabriel Gebran Bassil, this cub from that lion # respect

- Rita Zgheib (@ RitaZgheib17) August 10, 2020

I cannot understand any form of bullying, lack of morals, and exposure to children !!
This is the son of # Gibran_Basil, he does not work in politics, nor is he who is Bio.
Any harm to this child is the responsibility of every bully.
The people follow what builds and encourages a civilization of hatred, hatred and division among people. You will bury this country !!

- Nadine Welson Njeim (@nadinewnjeim) August 10, 2020

Gabriel Bassil what did I do? ❤️ They
stood electronic meanness from all sides

- Rima Njeim (@RimaNJEIM) August 10, 2020

By understanding all the political positions against the performance of # Gibran_Basil, and with the understanding of all opponents of the Covenant and the movement, but I do not understand, nor in any way, any human being exposed to bullying a child who is not responsible for anything, not with politics or corruption of files, nor can I understand what is in !!!

Do you know what is it possible to do with?
Forbidden Anjad and defect Heidi is a crime

- Layal Alekhtiar - Choice nights (@layal_alekhtiar) August 10, 2020

The subject of Ibn Gibran_Basil, Samalli, is for frankness. Bullying leads to suicide !!! I have a question: Are you a human being or a beast?
Do you accept and don't you live a state of bullying ??
Leave children on the side. This is not part of your mental illnesses. I am clear and aware of you at distances ... # stop_the_bullying

- Yana (@yana_hkr) August 10, 2020