Blankenberge beach in Belgium, July 31, 2020. - / SIPA

Despite the still active presence of the coronavirus, it is increasingly difficult for the authorities to have social distancing measures accepted and not only in France. In Belgium, for example, several people were arrested on Saturday during a riot caused by an order to evacuate a beach in the seaside resort of Blankenberge.

" That can not continue "

" That can not continue. We are doing everything to maintain security in our seaside resort, and now that… ”, protested the mayor of the resort, Daphné Dumery. The incidents were triggered by a group of young people asked to respect the security measures imposed against the spread of Covid-19, according to testimonies collected by radio and television RTBF. The group rebelled against the police after being ordered to leave the beach.

So, fight in Blankenberge what

- Fousskov (@Fousskov) August 8, 2020

A violent fight broke out involving several dozen people and the local police were forced to call for reinforcements to bring the situation under control. In images filmed by witnesses and broadcast on social networks, we can see umbrellas thrown by young people against the police on the beach. The mayor has called a meeting to take further security measures.


"If we let young people become infected, the virus will escape us", warns Jean-François Delfraissy


"The future of the epidemic is in the hands of citizens", warns the Scientific Council

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