Following the Corona19 in China, fear of the Bunia virus is coming.

According to Chinese media, 60 people were infected and 7 people died from this year's new tick-borne Bunia virus.

The virus, which is transmitted through mice, mosquitoes, and mites, is often called a tick disease.

It is known to reduce platelets during high fever, causing epidemic colds, hemorrhagic fever, and encephalitis.

In Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Wang Mo, a woman in her 60s, recently showed symptoms such as fever and coughing, and as a result of her examination, she was judged to be infected with the new Bunia virus.

In Nanjing alone, 37 people were infected this year, and after April, 23 patients died and 5 people died in Anhui Province.

Two people died of this disease in Zhejiang.

An official from the People's Hospital of Jiangsu Province said, "It seems that he has been infected with a new swine virus because of a tick."

"This virus is the main source of ticks," said Shanjifang, chief of infection at the first hospital attached to the storage area.

Earlier in 2011, a new swine virus in Beijing, the capital, strained Chinese quarantine authorities.

China's health authorities advised not to lie down on the mite-infested grassland for a long time and, if bitten by the tick, kill the mite with alcohol or a cigarette to remove it completely from the skin and go to the hospital immediately.

In addition, since pets are more likely to inhabit mites, they are advised to pay special attention to pet hygiene.

(Photo = Baidu Capture, Yonhap News)