In an American hamburger store, a quarrel between customers and staff over long queues has led to shootings.

Police in Orange County, Florida, USA, arrested Kelvis Rodriguez Toms (37) for shooting and murdering Desmond Almond Joshua (22), a Burger King employee (local time), the Associated Press reported.

According to the police, the incident began on the 1st of a fight between Toms' girlfriends Ashley Mason and Joshua, who visited a local Burger King.

After placing a drive-through order at the Burger King store, Mason was unable to tolerate it, and was upset with Joshua.

So Joshua asked Mason to leave the store for a $40 refund, and Mason yelled to bring his boyfriend, and he settled down.

Shortly thereafter, Toms went to the store with Mason, wrapped Joshua's neck with his arms, struck him, and shot the gun, and Joshua, who was shot, was transferred to a nearby hospital but was killed.

Toms fled the scene after killing Joshua and dismantled the gun.

The police arrested Toms on charges of killing guns and destroying evidence.

(Photo = Orange County Police, Florida, Yonhap News)