The Generalitat has ordered the confinement of the Segrià region , whose capital is Lérida and where 209,000 people live , due to the outbreaks of Covid-19.

The confinement will be effective from 12 noon on Saturday and has no end date , as announced by the President of the Generalitat. "We take a step back to protect ourselves and we will take all the decisions to stop the contagion," Quim Torra announced. On Friday, the Health Minister had ruled out "selective confinement" in the area. "It is essential to act in this way," said Alba Vergés this Saturday.

Until 16 hours, all people who do not have their domicile in the Segrià region will be allowed to leave and those who have their municipality within this territorial unit will be admitted. From then on, only people who work in the region can enter or leave.

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