The National Center for Rehabilitation warned of the danger of misusing analgesic drugs or sedatives, stressing that these drugs lead to addiction, calling on individuals to go to the specialist doctor to diagnose the problem and address its causes.

The Center stressed that the misuse of sedative medications and sedatives and not adhering to the doctor’s instructions may expose the person to serious complications, warning that some may experience chronic pain, insomnia, sleep disturbances or some other mental illness, such as anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, noting that the proper method of dealing With such cases, misuse of these drugs is avoided.

He stressed that sedative and sedative drugs are used in a regulated form for a certain period to control symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety disorders, warning of the danger of total dependence on them, because they cause addiction and many health complications.

The Center stressed the importance of educating the children (children and adults) not to take any drugs except after consulting the specialized doctor, as medications and medical drugs are used to treat specific diseases or specific symptoms in doses determined by the specialist doctor and for specific time periods. He stated that acknowledging the existence of a problem and initiating a request for treatment are the first and most important step in recovering from addiction, calling on addiction patients to initiate seeking treatment and restore their lives and avoid legal accountability. He pointed out that there is a set of behaviors accompanying the abuse of psychotropic substances, which can be indications of addiction, including changing friends, a change in behavior, confidentiality and lack of frankness, mood and sleep disorders, loss of appetite, and the practice of dangerous behaviors such as needle injection, theft, and assault.

It is worth noting that the center has received 4,300 patients since its inception in 2002, of whom 65% requested voluntary treatment, 35% were transferred from judicial authorities, and that the rates of treatment of addiction patients reached 43% last year, compared to 33% in 2018. The center provides treatment programs for patients According to international standards, the patient data is confidential, and the patient's stay period depends on the evaluation of the medical team, the type of case and the period of drug use, and the treatment and rehabilitation program period for the patient in the center ranges between one and six months, where the patient is not required to remain throughout this period within the center, and it is possible The patient stays between one and one and a half months, then he goes to the outpatient clinic two or three times, and after that he checks for a whole year, and in the event the patient discontinues treatment, he may experience a relapse.

From abuse to recovery

Finally, the National Center for Rehabilitation organized a virtual meeting with specialists in the field of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention, entitled "From Use to Recovery", in which a number of administrators, consultants and specialists participated in the National Center for Rehabilitation, in addition to a counselor recovering from addiction.

The Center affirmed its keenness to provide many services that contribute to helping patients get rid of addiction, within the treatment plans of their own through following the latest practical methods for treating and rehabilitating addiction patients.

The center called addiction patients to seek treatment to restore their lives and avoid legal accountability.

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