Illustration of traffic jams in Lyon. - E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes

The deserted roads and the fluid routes of the weeks of confinement already seem to be only a distant memory in Lyon, where the gradual recovery to normal is accompanied by numerous traffic jams. This Thursday morning, after several mornings of congestion on the roads this week, the situation was further complicated with the closure of a hopper in Perrache.

Perrache's hopper 6, linking the quays of Saône to the Gallieni bridge in the direction of Part-Dieu, is closed for an indefinite period, said this morning the Metropolis of Lyon. Under the structure, suspicious traces of wear were detected on the ground overnight.

Big slowdowns

As soon as the axis, which is very busy during rush hour, closes, a detour was put in place by the Pasteur bridge and the Leclerc avenue to join the Berthelot avenue. However, this did not prevent the formation of traffic jams on the Presqu'Ile, on the north-south axis notably between Cordeliers and Perrache and at the entrance to the M7 (entrance A7) and the M6 ​​(A6).
As long as the hopper remains closed, it is advisable to avoid this area. Before traveling, motorists can check traffic conditions in real time on


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