Former Manchester City defender Nedum Unoha said he has never felt completely safe in the United States in which he has lived since 2018 and feels "fear and distrust" with the police in the country.

After the murder of George Floyd, Nigerian-born Onoha said he was "always worried about the way he behaved and how influential people could see him".

"I don't like saying that, but I feel fear and distrust of the police," Unoha, who plays for Real Salt Lake in the NFL, told the BBC.

"I liked to live in this country, but there is another side, I do not leave my home, and I feel 100% unsafe."

Onoha - who spent six years in Queens Park Rangers before joining Real Salt Lake - said that US gun laws contributed to the growth of his concerns.

"In the UK I feel more comfortable, because if something happens it will not likely be fatal, but here because of their rights (to take up arms) it is common for confrontations to become fatal," the 33-year-old added.

He concluded, "I am satisfied, but when it comes to any kind of brutality if it is from the police, if I dealt with me in the wrong way I may lose my life ... I feel it every day."