• Minnesota.The prosecutor brings the indictment to the cop who killed George Floyd to unintentional murder and prosecutes the other three officers.
  • US. Trump proclaims himself president of "law and order" and threatens to deploy the Army to quell protests
  • George Floyd: Protest and Unprecedented Racial Fire: What's Happening in America?
  • Tension. Trump lashes out at "scum" looting New York as protests spread across the US
  • Profile.George Floyd: the 'friendly giant' who went out

Former US President Barack Obama on Wednesday encouraged young people who have led protests against violence against African Americans to continue to make sure they bring about change, and said that the movement reflects a "change of mind" unprecedented in the history of the country .

"Most Americans believe the protests are justified. That would not have happened 40 or 50 years ago. There is a change in mindset that is happening, a greater recognition that we can do things better," said the first. African American President of the United States in a talk organized by his foundation.

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