Former American policeman Derek Chauvin faces the prospect of a severe prison sentence against him after he was accused of wrongful killing of George Floyd, an African-American who died of asphyxia while in detention.

In an article on the French "Lashan Info" website, the writer Johann Rublin said that the 44-year-old Chauvin has become a title of violence and racism rooted in the American police, especially after the killing of Floyd, 46, who died during his brutal arrest, on Monday, May 25 in Minneapolis In Minnesota.

In a video of the arrest operation, which spread very quickly on social networks, Floyd appeared as he asked the policeman to remove his knee from his neck so that he could breathe. This section of the eight-minute and 46-second violence shocked the American public.

The writer explained that Floyd’s death at the hands of the police sparked a profound revolution throughout the United States, where protests did not subside for a week.

Chauvin was fired from his work on May 26, not to mention three other agents involved in this case, which revived wounds of racism in the United States and a sense of impunity enjoyed by the police. It is worth noting that the policeman was only arrested last Friday.

At present, he is the only officer charged with "third degree murder", which means that he had no intention of premeditated murder, and that he is accused of "a brutal and dangerous act that led to death." Accordingly, the sentence of Chauvin is expected to be no more than 35 years.

Many of the police’s racist interventions added to the anger of the American street

Collusion of Others
During his career as a police officer for 19 years, Chauvin was already involved in several incidents. According to his disciplinary file, published by the Minnesota Police, 17 complaints against him have been brought to the police services.

No disciplinary measures were taken against him except through a single complaint, in the form of a "reprimand speech". The document did not address the nature of complaints against the officer. According to a database related to police brutality practices issued by "United Communities Against Police Brutality" reported by several American media outlets, Chauvin appears in several cases, including shootings related to racist individuals.

The writer mentioned that the possible length of the sentence - that Chauvin, currently imprisoned in solitary confinement, at the St. Paul prison wing designated for "media prisoners" - would not satisfy Floyd's family.

And while his relatives welcome the "belated-time" arrest of the former policeman, as a first step on the "path to justice", they are now demanding that he receive an appropriate punishment for his crime.

In a statement sent to the American press on May 29, they expressed their desire to apply "the premeditated murder charge. We want to witness the arrest of the other three former agents involved in this tragedy."

The author concluded by saying that if Chovin is charged according to the wishes of the deceased's family, he will likely be sentenced to life imprisonment, as the death penalty has been abolished in Minnesota since 1911. As for his three former colleagues, if they are arrested, they may be tried for " Collusion in the manslaughter. "

In an interview with the Minneapolis chief of police, Aradondo, he said that the four former officers involved in the killing of Floyd "bear the same responsibility".