The international student arrested in France was rescued by the embassy a few hours later Bai Yansong Dialogue Chinese Ambassador to France

During the epidemic prevention in France, two things happened, one was against our local overseas Chinese leaders, and the other was the arrest of Chinese students abroad. What kind of help did the embassy provide? Why did this happen? In "News 1 + 1" on April 14, China's Ambassador to France Lu Shaye answered this question.

Lu Shaye, Ambassador to France: After France entered the period of high outbreaks, the government issued two related laws. One is the injunction , which is usually not allowed to walk around the street. It was even strengthened to prohibit the gathering of more than two people in public places. There is also a mask requisition order . Individuals cannot have a certain number of masks. The two incidents last week were related to these two laws. Our overseas Chinese leaders were also entrusted by domestic charities to distribute some masks to French overseas Chinese for free. They were noticed by the French police in the process of doing this. The French police sent them in the name of private masks After a temporary arrest, the Embassy knew that we would urgently negotiate with the French police and provide legal advice to the parties. They were basically released after 24 hours. It also happened that several international students assisted the embassy in distributing health kits. They might have handed over their classmates on the street. They were also seen by the French police. Later, when the embassy learned of the situation, they immediately negotiated. It only took a few hours. Rescue them. Of course, according to our colleagues who handled the case, in fact, the police attitude is relatively friendly, saying that it is a misunderstanding. We hope that such misunderstandings will not happen again. Of course, we will also tell our students to be more careful. At the same time, our own work will be more detailed.

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