Despite high pressure, Peter Andersson, unit manager at the Swedish Employment Service in Kronoberg, believes that they will be able to handle the crisis.

- Of course we are in the same situation as everyone else - that we do not know how the virus will hit us. But we have a very clear priority during the corona crisis. It is about ensuring that companies and individuals receive the payments that they are entitled to, which is why special priority is given during the corona crisis, he says.

Works more digitally

He believes that the Public Employment Service is better equipped for the corona pandemic than, for example, the financial crisis of 2008. The authority is now working to a greater extent digitally. Therefore, it is expected to be able to handle all new enrollments as job seekers can do this from home.

- We are now using the development we have made in terms of digital instruments. We have very good opportunities to ensure that people and companies receive their compensation as soon as possible. I'm sure of that, says Peter Andersson.

Many warned

Since the beginning of March, around 50,000 people have been notified around Sweden, according to statistics from the Employment Service. Furthermore, the number of new registrations at the Employment Service last week was up to 25,350, which is 16,761 more than the same week last year.

In addition, the government has decided to pause the negotiations on the reform of the Employment Service. It is judged that the most important thing is to deal with the prevailing corona pandemic.

According to Peter Andersson, the employment services' various courses continue until further notice.

Listen to Peter Andersson tell us about the work of the Swedish Employment Service during the corona crisis in the clip above.