On April 6, local time, WHO held a regular press conference on new coronary pneumonia. At the meeting, WHO representatives said that vaccine development and testing will be conducted through ethical clinical trials.

In response to previous statements by French scientists that Africa was to be used as a vaccine testing ground, WHO Director-General Tan Desai said that hearing such remarks in the 21st century is “shocked and disgraceful”. Such racial discrimination will not help (to fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic), it will only undermine unity. Africa cannot and will not serve as a testing ground for any vaccine, and the development of vaccines or treatments must follow the same rules worldwide. This kind of inherited colonial thoughts will stop, and the WHO will not allow such things to happen. He condemned such remarks in the strongest terms.

Tan Desai said that more than 70 countries have participated in the WHO's "Unity" trial to accelerate the search for effective treatments for new coronary pneumonia. Currently, about 20 institutions and companies are developing vaccines, and WHO will ensure that medicines and vaccines are shared equally with all countries and people.

In response to the current spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in Africa, WHO said that there are currently fewer cases of new coronary pneumonia in some African countries, there is still a window of opportunity, and the virus detection capacity has been greatly improved. Bad things happen. WHO calls for supporting African countries to take comprehensive action to protect vulnerable groups including refugees and immigrants. (Reporter Zhu He)