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Japanese Prime Minister Abe declared an emergency on Corona 19 on the 7th. In Japan, the number of confirmed patients is increasing exponentially, and even if you look at the capital city of Tokyo alone, the number of confirmed patients has increased 300 units for the third consecutive day from the 3rd to the 5th. Did not. With an urgent declaration that was later than expected, Yoshitake Yokokura, chairman of the Japanese Medical Association, criticized the late decision of the Japanese government, saying, "I've been asking you to respond quickly.

What is the reason why Prime Minister Abe has been putting off the 'emergency declaration' despite this glare? For this reason, Nomura Research Institute, Japan's leading private economic research institute, cited “economic blow” for that reason. If Tokyo is blocked for a month, personal consumption will decrease by about 2.5 trillion yen, but this amount is more than the economic effect of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games, which is about 2 trillion yen. Prime Minister Abe, who has delayed several times and announced the emergency declaration late. The video mug video of Prime Minister Abe's position has been recorded.