In the meantime, the hospital staffs who have been patient and patient have come to the streets to no longer be patient. American story.

Montefiore Hospital nurses in the Bronx, New York, protested with support appeals asking for prompt assistance with medical supplies. When I had to take care of the patients, I came to the streets and shed tears.

● Why do medical staff do this?

As I said in the last report file, it is hard to believe that American hospitals are American hospitals these days. Doctors and nurses who wear the same mask for the fourth day, doctors who wear ski goggles because they don't have protective goggles, doctors who wear ski suits because they don't have protective clothing, and medical staff who wash the mask with salt water and wear it again.

Laura Aisik, a third-year physician, says the hospital is taking care of patients in places where there is no shortage of protective clothing, painkillers, and sedatives. I cried saying that I might not see the end of this disaster.

Even in this situation, I even thought about how medical staff could treat patients. In fact, a doctor who worked at a hospital in Washington State was fired from the hospital because of a talk with a press about protective equipment that seemed inappropriate, Bloomberg reported. A nurse was fired after sending emails to colleagues that she needed more protective masks.

But with the fear of being fired, the nurses came out on the road.

Although the government has already said that thousands of masks have been sent to hospitals in New York, it is now the norm for medical staff in hospitals to use the same mask for three or four days. Some health care providers have even revealed that they have been told to use the mask again. New York City health officials say they have recently delivered instructions to all hospitals to reduce the use of all personal protective equipment.

The most shocking statement left by a 28-year-old nurse who goes to the hospital and takes care of the patient all day long.

"Every morning I go to the hospital, I feel like a sheep being taken to a slaughterhouse. I wrote the last testament with my colleague (when I might die)."

The sad news for doctors and nurses is not only Montefiore Hospital. Nurses at Mount Sinai Hospital and Jacoby Medical Center also came out of the hospital last weekend to explain the current situation and appeal for quick assistance.

News has been received that a mask sent from China has arrived in the United States, but it has not yet been reported that it has been delivered to the hospital where it is needed.

(Photo = Reuters)