Italy Spain The number of infected people is on a downward trend, but medical care continues to be tight April 6:47 on April 7


In Europe and Italy, where the spread of the new coronavirus is the worst in Europe, the number of newly confirmed infections is on the decline, but healthcare settings remain tight. France is still showing signs of spread, and the government is calling for stricter restrictions on outings.

In Italy, 16,653 people died of the new coronavirus on the 6th, the highest number in any country.
On the other hand, the number of newly confirmed infected cases was 3,599, decreased by 717 from the previous day.

In Spain, 637 people died in the past day, the 6th, the lowest since 25th of last month, and the number of newly confirmed infections was 4273, the lowest in the last two weeks.
Spain's health minister Ija said in a news conference on June 6 that "data shows that government measures are working, but the struggle is not over." In order to do so, he indicated a policy to significantly strengthen the inspection system.

However, in both countries, the number of seriously ill patients has been increasing and the number of infections among healthcare workers has been increasing, and the healthcare settings remain tight.

On the other hand, in France, the number of people who died in the past day and those who were newly infected on the 6th increased from the previous day, and the situation is still spreading.
In particular, a large number of people die from infection, particularly in facilities for the elderly, accounting for nearly 30% of all people who die.
Health Minister Belan said on Friday that the transmission has not reached its peak, and has called for stronger inspections at facilities for the elderly and stricter restrictions on going out.