The new crown pneumonia epidemic has spread worldwide. What happened to the overseas Chinese in various countries? China Overseas Chinese Network (ID: qiaowangzhongguo) has specially released a series of manuscripts of "Remaining Overseas", which tells the story of the "war epidemic" of the overseas Chinese. In this issue, Zhong Xuan, an expatriate teacher of Phnom Penh Integrated Public School of Cambodia, shared his story of staying behind.

As the epidemic spreads across the globe, Cambodian authorities have put in place emergency prevention and control measures, requiring all schools to temporarily suspend classes. After receiving the notice, our teachers who assisted Cambodia stayed on campus and stayed together to fight the epidemic.

Because the notice was urgent, the school was closed before it had time to do a good job of sanitation. On the first day of stay, our five teachers decided to give the school a thorough cleaning.

Just do it. Two male teachers put on hats made with newspapers and tied two long brooms to clean the spider webs in all the houses. Our three female teachers cleaned the auditorium, offices, classrooms and dormitories with a broom Once again, then use a mop to wash them one by one, especially the place where the garbage is filled, even the ground has become black, even more strenuous, dragging a few back and forth finally exposed the original appearance of the tiles.

The school is not big. After the sweeping down, we are all sweaty and weak. The Hanban management teacher sent them disinfection water, and everyone took them scattered everywhere for sterilization without leaving any gaps.

After this round of cleaning, the entire school was clean and bright. How much hard work is worth it, and health is the most important.

Except for the traffic passing by outside the school gate, the school at this time seemed extraordinarily quiet. Looking at the epidemic situation updated daily, far away in a foreign country, everyone's minds were faintly raised with worries and panic.

However, good news followed. Anhui Chamber of Commerce sent charcoal in the snow and donated 17,000 masks to aid teachers. Each of us can get a box, no longer have to worry about wearing masks.

Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian also made a speech, calling on fellow Cambodians to join hands to fight the epidemic, help each other, and watch and help each other. This immediately increased our confidence and determined to work with the Cambodian people to overcome the epidemic.

The picture shows Cambodian Minister of Health Manbenheng (right) thanking Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian (left). Photo by Huang Yaohui

The most exciting thing is the good news that the Chinese medical expert group that aids Cambodia is about to arrive in Phnom Penh, and it is a great deal for my country! This is Cambodia's "hardcore friend"! What else can't be beaten?

In the days when we stayed on campus, we spent the rest of the time in the school except wearing a mask to purchase the necessary daily necessities.

Our teacher also took advantage of this leisure time to organize the lesson plans. Each of the small exercises and assessments designed by himself was modified and improved. Finally, the booklet was re-standardized and bound into a book. These are valuable first-hand materials and can be used as reference materials. It's much better than the cluelessness when we first contacted.

In the coming days, we can make scientific arrangements and design for the courses in this semester, and we can also search for information on the Internet to supplement, so that future teaching preparation is more adequate and methodical.

Occasionally, you can write about teaching experience and summarize lessons. If you are tired, you can go to the wall to blow the warm natural wind, sober and clear head, and your thinking is clearer.

At the same time, I downloaded some health exercises and aerobics, and arranged a reasonable time for exercise every day to enhance immunity.

In the morning, I came to a small piece of open space in the back of the classroom to have a good health exercise. The whole person was refreshed and full of energy. After dinner, I gathered in the small hall or danced aerobics or played badminton. Full physical strength.

I have been staying for more than ten days, and in my heart I look forward to the epidemic situation to pass quickly, to return to the normal order of daily life as soon as possible, and to see those children who are eager for knowledge in the classroom. I believe that as long as we all work together with the Cambodian people to overcome the times, this day will come soon! (Zhong Yan)