This was told in the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

“On March 29, 2020, a team of doctors of epidemiologists and specialists of the radiation chemical and biological defense troops of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, together with Italian military experts, carried out a complete sanitary disinfection of three boarding houses for the elderly“ Giuseppe ”in Chasnigo,“ Cecilia Chachia del Negro ”and“ Gaza ” The siren of the city of Leffe, the RIA Novosti news agency reports

It is noted that more than 12 thousand square meters of internal premises and access roads were disinfected. The works involved the calculations of disinfection mobile complexes with aerosol and auto-filling stations.

As specified, "in total, the Russian military carried out the treatment of 8 medical institutions and disinfected more than 21 thousand square meters of internal premises."

Earlier, military specialists of the Russian Ministry of Defense carried out a disinfection of a boarding house for the elderly in the Italian city of Nemuro.

On March 27, Russian specialists began assisting Italian citizens in Bergamo.

The governor of Lombardy called the help from Russia a gesture of great friendship.