- There are similarities. The winter crawl disease has a great spread of infection and so does this corona virus. There is no cure for any of these infections and they spread very quickly in the community, he says.

At the same time, there is no vaccine against the two infectious diseases and the two are also called RNA viruses.

- This basically means that they have a genetic mass that can very quickly mutate and come up with new types of virus, which is different from what is called DNA virus, says Lennart Svensson.

When it comes to winter sickness, particles can remain in the material for a very long time, but the situation is not quite the same for the corona virus?

- Although they are spread in similar ways, the corona virus has an envelope on its surface made up of fats. They can then easily be deactivated by washing their hands with soap and water or alcohol. However, winter mumps, which easily pass through the gastrointestinal tract, have no fats on their surfaces, but consist only of proteins. They cannot be easily deactivated, says Lennart Svensson.

This, in turn, means in principle that the corona virus is much more sensitive in nature and survives considerably shorter periods of time on different surfaces than winter mumps does, which is also easily spread via faeces, he explains.

Learn more about how long the corona virus stays on different materials in the clip above.