(Fighting new crown pneumonia) France orders more than 1 billion masks to establish "air bridge" transport masks

China News Agency, Paris, March 29 (Reporter Li Yang) French official local time announced on the 28th that more than 1 billion masks have been ordered to deal with the increasingly severe new crown pneumonia epidemic.

French Minister of Health Villain announced at a press conference that night that more than 1 billion masks have been ordered from France and abroad, especially from China, and will be delivered in the next few weeks to months.

On March 17, local time, Paris, France, a woman wearing a mask walking on the streets of Paris.

Villan said that France can produce 8 million masks per week, while France's weekly mask demand is 40 million, and France's mask reserves are not "unlimited". Ordered masks will give priority to the needs of medical staff.

French Prime Minister Philipp said that it has planned to send cargo planes to China to transport masks to France, and France has ordered and leased the cargo planes. In addition, Air France said it would be involved in the related transport work without providing further details.

According to the French news and information station on the 28th, after the masks are returned to France, they will be distributed through public health warehouses in 6 provinces.

The French Ministry of Health announced the epidemic data on the 28th, showing that the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in France has risen to 37,575, with a total of 2,314 deaths; on the 28th, 4611 new confirmed cases and 319 new deaths.

The Greater Paris area, including the capital Paris, is still the region with the worst outbreak in France. There have been 688 deaths and 6,523 inpatients, of which 1,570 are in the intensive care unit.

Philip warned that the epidemic in France is now developing rapidly and "the epidemic prevention battle has just begun." He said that the situation from April 1 to 15 will be very difficult and will be more difficult than in the last two weeks. (Finish)