EU Summit Meeting Postpones New Financial Support to Italy, etc. New Corona March 27 11:40

The EU has held an urgent summit by videophone to discuss the response to the new coronavirus, but has missed any new financial support measures that have taken advantage of EU funds, such as those requested by Italy. Was.

Within the EU, countries are taking measures to curb transmission of the new coronavirus, such as banning people from going out, but the impact on the economy, such as reduced consumption, is increasing. To this end, the EU has taken steps to strengthen its healthcare system and rescue businesses in its member countries, including by leveraging existing funds.

The EU held a videophone summit on 26th to discuss further measures.

At the meeting, Italy and Spain, where infections were rapidly expanding, were urgently required to take large-scale measures, saying that they would use funds to support member countries with difficult financial conditions, and that Eurozone countries would jointly issue funds. He called for the issuance of a "Euro-bond" to raise funds, but was opposed by Germany and the Netherlands.

At a press conference after the meeting, EU President Michel said, "We discussed all the possibilities, but we still have to work hard," and acknowledged the disagreement between countries.

Each country plans to launch a breakthrough in the next two weeks through the Eurozone Finance Ministers' Meeting, but the gap between the countries will be focused on how far they can reach.