An Iranian deputy died on Saturday of infection with the emerging corona virus, according to the official IRNA news agency, becoming one of several Iranian officials who died due to the virus spreading in the country.

The deputy is Fatima Rahbar, 55, a conservative who was recently elected to the Shura Council for the capital, Tehran.

It is the second Iranian deputy to die of the virus and one of seven Iranian officials who have died from the disease since the outbreak in mid-February in Iran.

Iran is striving to contain the rapid outbreak of Covid-19, which has so far infected 5,823 people, and killed 145, according to Saturday's toll.

Rahbar was one of the most prominent conservative candidates in Tehran. They won a landslide victory in the February legislative elections in which it recorded the lowest participation rate in the history of Iran.

Iran closed schools and universities, suspended important sporting and cultural events, and reduced working hours throughout the country to contain the expansion of infection that affected all 31 provinces.