(Combating New Crown Pneumonia) One new case of New Crown Pneumonia confirmed in Taiwan is "Diamond Princess" cruise passenger

China News Agency, Taipei, March 1st. Taiwan's "Outbreak Epidemic Command Center" announced on the 1st that Taiwan has newly added one confirmed case of new crown pneumonia and is a return passenger for the "Diamond Princess" cruise ship. The total number of confirmed cases has now increased to 40.

General Central News Agency, "Lianhe Daily" and other Taiwan media reported that the newly diagnosed pneumonia patient with a new coronavirus infection was a 70-year-old female from the north. She participated in the "Diamond Princess" cruise tour on January 20 and arrived on February 4. He continued to stay on board after Japan. On February 15th, the test was positive, and he was hospitalized and quarantined the next day. After the two tests were negative, he returned to Taiwan on February 26. After 3 tests, the diagnosis was confirmed again on March 1. .

Nineteen Taiwanese passengers on the "Diamond Princess" cruise arrived in Taiwan late at night on February 21. One of them has been confirmed. Other quarantines placed in the quarantine office are expected to expire at 00:00 on March 8.

The Epidemic Epidemic Command Center pointed out that the patient was an overseas immigration case. After returning to Taiwan after treatment in Japan, the quarantine and quarantine inspection showed positive again. Fortunately, contacts in the case, including entry quarantine and related medical staff, all Protective equipment without inspection.

So far, Taiwan has notified a total of 2192 cases, including 40 confirmed diagnoses. Of the confirmed cases, 1 died and 12 were discharged, and the remaining cases remained in hospital with stable conditions. (Finish)