Five shots killed at Milwaukee beer maker facility in the United States February 27 9:53

At a major beer maker's facility in Wisconsin, in the Midwest, someone fired a gun and killed five people. The suspect has died at the scene and police are looking into the situation.

In the afternoon of May 26 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Midwestern USA, someone fired a gun at a facility at a major beer maker, Molson Coors Brewing Company.

Local police said in a media interview that five people had died.

Suspects also said they were found dead on the scene, but no details were known.

From the local footage, you can see how many police and fire trucks stop near the scene and armed police officers come and go.

According to local media, the premises involved in the incident include a brewery and employ about 1,400 employees.

Police are investigating the suspect and blocking the entire area to find out more about the incident.