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Celaá shields teachers against the 'parental pin' and says that there is no indoctrination anywhere in Spain


The Government will shield the professors who are against the parental pin. Minister Isabel Celaá said Monday that “they will have all the protection, defense and

  • Controversy: What is the parental pin: The tool for parents to veto content in classrooms
  • Órdago.Murcia plants Isabel Celaá in a meeting and says she does not intend to remove the parental pin

The Government will shield the professors who are against the parental pin. Minister Isabel Celaá said Monday that "they will have all the protection, defense and protection of professional practice" of the Ministry of Education "before the courts."

Celaá has warned that the instructions agreed in Murcia between the PP , Citizens and Vox so that families can veto gender identity talks restrict the freedom of professors' professorship. "The professors belong to the state bodies and will have all the protection and protection of this Ministry before the courts," he said during an interview in the Sixth.

His vindication of the teaching staff as a state body comes at a time when the Ministry works to change the teaching career. This wink of the minister surprises in the educational community, because until now she had not had the same zeal in defending the interests of teachers against the political interference of other administrations. When asked during the interview about a possible similar intervention by the Government before the "indoctrination" of independence, he replied that "it has nothing to do with it". "We have received absolutely no complaints about it, neither in the community of Catalonia nor in any other," he said.

"He doesn't tell the truth," says Ana Losada , of the Assembly for a Bilingual School in Catalonia . «We have presented many complaints to the High State Inspection ; for example, the one in the survey that asked students if they supported independence. We have also given our chief of staff our report on indoctrination, ”he emphasizes.

Precautionary measures

Celaá maintains an ambivalent posture in Murcia. On the one hand, it says that in this region there has been no declaration of "a single indoctrination", in line with what was expressed by the Murcian president, Fernando López Miras (PP), who insists that, in practice, there is no problem with the parental pin because no parent has complained about the workshops taught in the classrooms. On the other hand, the minister has made it clear that she will drop the full weight of the law on the Murcian Government if she does not withdraw her instructions. «That community has 24 hours to restore the legality; if not, tomorrow we will resort », he warned.

The deadline therefore expires tonight. But sources of the Ministry of Education Murcia maintain that they do not intend to remove the parental pin . In this autonomous community they are of the opinion that the controversy has led to the Government "to cover" other matters of greater importance.

For Celaá, on the contrary, Murcia's instructions are a "fundamentalist claim" to which we must put a brake on a priority basis. That is why he has requested that they be suspended on a precautionary basis.

Ministry sources indicate that there are now two paths. First, the Superior Court of Justice of Murcia must resolve in a few days the possible precautionary withdrawal of the instructions, while the contentious-administrative appeal "will take longer", because it is "a very guarantee process" in which both parties can submit claims . Murcia has expressed its intention to abide by the judicial decision.

The first vice president, Carmen Calvo , also spoke about the parental pin on Monday - «The resource is the legal path to which the political closure has forced us» - and the president of Castilla-La Mancha, the socialist Emiliano García-Page , who He has assured that the supporters of the veto are advocates that "each government can choose education" and, therefore, "indirectly endorse those who, from the independence movement, teach that Spain does not exist."

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