An emergency meeting at the level of the Arab League foreign ministers began in Cairo at the request of Palestine and in the presence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the US peace plan announced by President Donald Trump a few days ago.

Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, Riyad Al-Malki, said that Palestine submitted a draft resolution to the League of Arab States to reject the plan, adding that

The Palestinian draft proposal calls for not dealing with it in any way.

Al-Maliki indicated that Palestine expects all Arab countries to adopt and agree on the draft resolution to become a unanimous decision, so that after that, a broader move will be taken against the American plan, which constitutes a wholesale waste of Palestinian rights in favor of the Israeli occupation.

This morning, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in Cairo to discuss the implications of the US peace plan.

The meeting was attended on the Egyptian side by the head of the General Intelligence Abbas Kamel, the presidential spokesperson, and on the Palestinian side the secretary of the Executive Committee of the PLO Saeb Erekat, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad al-Maliki, a member of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement Hussein Al-Sheikh, and the president's adviser for diplomatic affairs Majdi Al-Khalidi, according to the agency Palestinian news "Wafa".

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Cairo had announced its position after the announcement of the American peace plan, and it called on the Palestinians and Israelis to study the plan before responding to it, and also urged them to resume negotiations under American sponsorship.

Abbas is scheduled to deliver a speech to the Arab ministers, at the university’s headquarters, to discuss ways to confront the deal, and plans aimed at liquidating the issue, and to put forward the Palestinian position rejecting it altogether and in detail, according to Wafa.

And last Tuesday, Trump announced, at a press conference in Washington, his peace plan in the presence of outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The plan, which was rejected by the Palestinian Authority and all the resistance factions, includes the establishment of a Palestinian state in the form of an archipelago connected by bridges and tunnels, and to make occupied Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel.