Eastern Turkey earthquake confirms 35 deaths Rescue operations continue on January 26 at 19:40

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake in eastern Turkey has killed 35 people so far. There are still people left under the collapsed building, and rescue operations continue.

Early in the morning on the 25th of Japan time, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake occurred in the eastern part of Turkey in Elazig Province, killing 35 people so far.

At the site of the collapsed building, the search and rescue operations for those left behind by the rubble continue, and according to the Turkish government, 45 people, including young girls, have been rescued so far.

Many people are turning to evacuation shelters in public facilities, etc., because the earthquake is still ongoing and new buildings may collapse.

In some cases, some people are standing outdoors while enduring the cold of winter, and the Turkish government is strengthening support by distributing blankets and tents.