U.S. Congress sanctions sanctions on Uighurs for human rights abuses

A U.S. Congressional commission investigating China's human rights issue warned that the Chinese government could be committing crimes against humanity to Uighurs, a minority, and told Chinese government officials against the Trump administration. Urged the imposition of sanctions.

A committee of the United States Congress, which is investigating China's human rights issues, held a press conference on Tuesday and released an annual report summarizing China's human rights situation.

The Commission accused the Chinese government of expanding its detention facilities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the name of counter-terrorism measures and unfairly restraining Uyghur ethnic minorities and continuing torture, including electric shock.

He also pointed out that AI-based artificial intelligence, face recognition technology, and a surveillance society using big data are being used to manage Uyghurs with the latest technology.

The Chinese government then warned that it could be committing crimes against humanity and urged the Trump administration to impose sanctions on Chinese government officials involved in human rights abuses.

`` The U.S. Congress is bipartisan and concerned about China's worsening human rights situation, '' said Democrat Congressman McGovern, chairman of the committee at a press conference, disregarding human rights issues by prioritizing trade negotiations. Appealed to President Trump, who is said to be working on this issue.

Following the passage of the Hong Kong human rights bill last year by the US Congress, bills aimed at improving human rights in Uyghur and Tibet are also being deliberated.