During the weekend, Kosovo's ambassador stated that she will not be present during the Nobel Prize for Literature Award. The reason is the Swedish Academy's decision to award the Austrian author Peter Handke this year's Nobel Prize in literature.

Kosovo's ambassador also called on Albania to do the same.

Albania jumps off

On Sunday, the Embassy of Albania in Stockholm confirms to SVT that the ambassador, Virgjil Kule, will not participate in the awards ceremony.

In an e-mail to SVT News, the Albanian embassy writes that they have sent an e-mail to the Nobel Foundation where they have written that the boycott is a "protest against Mr. Handke's support for former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic ".

The Albanian ambassador also says that the boycott is "in solidarity with and grief for the Albanians in Kosovo who suffered much from the genocide of Slobodan Milosevic".

In a previous interview with SVT, Handke has firmly denied the allegations.

Turkey condemns the award to Handke

Turkey's Ministry of Defense condemns the award of the 2019 Nobel Prize to Austrian author Peter Handke, writing that the reason is that "Handke, is a denier of the Bosnian genocide and a strong supporter of Milosevic who was the perpetrator of the Bosnian genocide and the murderer of our Bosnian brothers ".

Screenshot of the post from the official twitter account of the Turkish Ministry of Defense. Photo: Twitter

The Nobel Foundation, which is responsible for the Nobel ceremony, has in contact with SVT chosen not to comment on the defection.

- We invite and those who thank yes thank yes and those who refuse no thank you no, says Mikael Östlund, press speaker at the Nobilstiftelsen.

SVT has sought Turkey's ambassador to Sweden.