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Criticized for the sometimes disappointing game of Juventus, Maurizio Sarri said Monday, on the eve of a Champions League poster against Atlético Madrid, he adapted to the "characteristics" of his team and recalled that he was previously called "Taliban" for his very decided game ideas.

. Where is Ronaldo?

Sarri: "We have a good relationship, and if he's angry, that means he's motivated even if he's won everything, it's okay for me, it's been 25 years since I've seen players come out unhappy. do not do me much anymore. "

Gonzalo Higuain (Juventus striker): "We all know what Cristiano is, he's a winner, we knew each other a long time ago in Madrid, he's progressed a lot and won a lot. and I'm happy to find him, we like playing with players in this class. "

. At Juve, the results but not the game?

Sarri: "The team has its own characteristics, before I was a Taliban because I wanted to play my football and now it's not okay because I'm playing the team according to its characteristics ... I too would like see the team have more continuity on some aspects, we can improve on many things, but again, only depending on the characteristics we have.I can not, for personal taste, go against these characteristics A team comes with some ideas. "

Higuain: "We have to get closer to what the coach is asking for and especially over longer periods of time, he is doing everything to get the team to play as he wants, the team is trying but he has to do more. The game is not necessarily brilliant but as far as the results are concerned, we are on the right track. "

. What is at stake against Atlético?

Sarri: "I think it's a game that we have to tackle without too many calculations, and mentally we should not think we're qualified, otherwise we're dead." We have to think that first place is fundamental . "

. The game of Atlético

Sarri: "Atlético has changed, they are doing more passes, they have a better technical quality, a game different from what they did in the past, they are always difficult to cope with, whether I feel close to or not Simeone football, in the end, these are choices, individual beliefs, Atlético plays in a difficult context and succeeds in being competitive each year by often winning titles. . "

. A trio Ronaldo-Higuain-Dybala?

Sarri: "It's difficult because of their characteristics." Gonzalo is a pure striker, Ronaldo is the strongest center-forward in the world even if he starts from the left and Dybala is an attacker, not N.10. moments, we can be willing to give everything, but in the end, we have three forwards very strong for two places. "

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