Tesla impressed the audience on Thursday night by unveiling the Cybertruck electric pickup truck, but the winds of the revelations did not go as far as the famous American electric car maker had longed for.

One of the distinctive features of this uniquely designed truck is the Tesla Armor Glass used in the windows of the vehicle, which CEO Elon Musk described as "transparent metallic glass."

Initially, Musk demonstrated the strength of the material by dropping metal balls the size of the palm of the hand on a board about three meters high, and after all of them bounced without damaging the board, Musk decided to escalate things a little.

Musk asked designer Tesla Franz von Holzhausen to throw one of the balls into the window of the front door of the displayed truck.

It seems that it was very surprising to Mask who shouted when the trick missed what looked like "Oh my God."

"Maybe the strike was a bit strong," he said, laughing without hesitation. He asked Von Holzhausen to do it again with the back door window, but, disappointed, the result was the same.

Musk tried to play down what happened, saying, "Man, the ball has not penetrated it."

Trying to justify what happened, he said they threw glass at the tools and even the kitchen sink in the test, and that "for a little strange reason to break now, I don't know why?"

Tesla's demo of its first electric pickup didn't go quite according to plan. The "Tesla armor glass" windows shattered when hit with a metallic ball pic.twitter.com/QH5Yzrvu2y

- Bloomberg TicToc (@tictoc) November 22, 2019

The company banned many media outlets from attending or broadcasting the event to be broadcast on YouTube, as well as many social media attendees when they were filming the show with their phones.

The truck also features a structure made of high-strength stainless steel, and has performed better than glass when von Holzhausen hit the door with a heavy hammer without leaving a trace. A video of 9mm bullets fired at the body was not penetrated.

Mask shows video of 9mm bullets fired at bodywork without penetrating (Reuters)