05 July 2018 Confirmed the first degree sentence of 30 years imprisonment for Veronica Panarello, the young mother of Santa Croce Camerina (Ragusa) accused of the murder of her 8-year-old son Loris Stival and the concealment of her corpse. This was decided by the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Catania which pronounced the sentence confirming the first degree sentence issued on 17 October 2016 by the GIP of Ragusa.

The murder of little Loris took place in the family's house, in Santa Croce Camerina, on November 29th 2014. The child died strangled with plastic ties. Veronica Panarello was present in the courtroom assisted by her lawyer, the lawyer Francesco Villardita, and her husband Davide Stival also took part in the trial for the first time.

After reading the sentence Veronica Panarello in the courtroom of the Assize Court of Catania, she exploded in an outburst of anger and turned against her father-in-law, Andrea Stival, who in the past accused him of murder: " Sooner or later I kill with my hands ". The woman was escorted out of the classroom by force from the prison police who immediately blocked her.

"From what we have been able to understand - Veronica Panarello's lawyer explained, speaking of the screams launched by his assistant in the courtroom, he had it with his father-in-law, who he holds responsible for the murder of his son. Then he told me this sentence: 'From now there will be no more discounts for anyone, since I did not have justice, I will do justice to myself and when I leave prison I will kill him. They are phrases - the criminal lawyer pointed out - that in a moment of discouragement they can stay even if they cannot be justified. We must understand his state of mind ".

A "deplorable, repeatedly untruthful, slanderous, manipulative" procedural conduct. Such as to confirm the definition that she gave the judge of the Review: "Lucidissima assassina". This emerged from the reasons for the sentence with which the Gup of Ragusa Andrea Reale on October 17, 2016 had sentenced Veronica Panarello to 30 years in prison for the murder of her son Loris Stival, killed November 29, 2014 in Santa Croce Camerina.

Loris, the video of the sentence of the Assistant Court of Appeal of Catania.

- TGR Rai Sicilia (@TgrSicilia) 5 July 2018