• Exclusive: This was the return to the jury of the guilty verdict

The magistrate president of the Court of the Jury of the trial of the 'crime of the Sala' has made public the sentence that acquits Miguel López of the murder of his mother-in-law: the widow of former CAM president Vicente Sala. The ruling states that it was a stranger who shot Mari Carmen Martínez on the evening of December 9, 2016 in the car wash of the family dealership that ran her son-in-law. The verdict supposes the triumph of the defense thesis over those of the accusations and those of the Police .

"Around 18.55, Mrs. María del Carmen Martínez was shot by an unknown person , immediately leaving the vehicle and being found by Herminio (the person in charge of the laundry)." This thesis that the jury has embraced, and has included the magistrate in the sentence, is totally contrary to that of the accusations and the Police, who maintain that López was the person who pulled the trigger. In addition, they also take for granted the theory that the victim died just after receiving the shots, at 18.55 , and not twenty minutes after being shot, since the police maintained that it was around 18.30 when López encañonó and gave him The two shots.

"The first conclusion that can be drawn from the verdict issued by the jury, given that the defendant is credited with the direct and material responsibility of the two shots that ended the victim's life, is that the defendant when the shooting occurred was outside the premises of Novocar (place where the crime occurred), "says the magistrate in her sentence.

And he adds: "It is proven that the defendant handed over the keys of the vehicle to his mother-in-law, but he emphasizes (the jury) that nobody testified that he saw the accused accompany his mother-in-law to the laundry room." "The thesis of the accusations decays", reflects the magistrate.

Against this judgment it is possible to appeal before the Valencian Superior Court of Justice (TSJCV) and in cassation before the Supreme Court.

The verdict of no guilty was the second issued by the jury, since 43 hours before (Friday 7 at ten o'clock at night) the magistrate returned their first verdict that, as THE WORLD advanced, was guilty to appreciate that I wasn't motivated enough. It was a tense hearing between the judge and the private prosecution exercised by the victim's son and represented by lawyer Francisco Ruiz-Marco and prosecutor José Llor.

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