• Ex Ilva, Arcelor Mittal announces the suspension of activities at the Taranto plant
  • Ex Ilva, dramatic situation: Arcelor Mittal communicates the plant closure plan
  • ArcelorMittal meeting company-unions tomorrow. Presidium at the Mise of related companies
  • Ilva: the M5S senators open to the penal shield in time, "but ArcelorMittal comes back to negotiate"
  • ArcelorMittal filed the contract withdrawal contract in court
  • Arcelor Mittal, today in court to request the withdrawal from the contract
  • ArcelorMittal, Di Maio: "The penal shield is a mass distractor"


15 November 2019

The Milan prosecutor's office opened a "model 45" file (without suspects and without the possibility of a crime) 'to verify the possible existence of a crime' in the case concerning the former Ilva and the dispute with ArcelorMittal. This is stated in a note signed by the Milan prosecutor, Francesco Greco. For this date it was delegated to the financial police economic nucleus of the Guardia di Finanza 'for preliminary assessments'. The procedure, it is specified in the note, was assigned to the magistrates Romanelli, Civardi and Clerici. Civardi and Clerici are the same ones who, in March 2016, had asked for the bankruptcy of Riva Fire, the parent company of the former group that owns the steel plant. At the center of the investigation, we learn, there is the lease contract of the former Ilva stipulated between the commissioners and the Franco-Indian group, which in the past few days has lodged an appeal in view of the withdrawal.

Arcelor Mittal announces the suspension of activities at the Taranto plant
With a letter addressed to the government and institutions of Taranto, Arcelor Mittal announced the suspension of the activities of the Taranto plant and of the power plants "with methods designed to preserve the integrity of the plants pending the relegation of the business branches". Letter where it summarizes and details the dates of the stop, which will involve the three blast furnaces from 13 December and until mid-January, and also explains the procedures it will perform for the safety of the plants. And Arcelor makes it clear that "the technical gas production area, whose operation is necessary to ensure the safety of the other plants thanks to the production of inert gas (nitrogen), remains partially excluded from the shutdown activity; the energy distribution area which ensures the management of gas networks and electricity networks, the distribution and treatment of cooling water to the plants and the treatment of wastewater ". Thus, the situation for the steelworks in Taranto is falling, with a path that is rapidly moving towards an almost certainly non-peaceful solution between the parties.

Filed the appeal of the former Ilva commissioners
The lawyers of the Extraordinary Commissioners of the former Ilva have filed an urgent appeal based on article 700 of the code of civil procedure in which they ask ArcelorMittal to respect the agreements since they do not have, according to them, the conditions for withdrawal from the lease.

Meeting at the Mise
The parties should meet this afternoon at the Mise to talk about the crisis of the former Ilva plant in Taranto with unions and company. The meeting was convened after Arcelor Mittal yesterday announced to the unions that the blast furnace was extinguished by January 15th. The company would be technically obliged to participate in the meeting at the Mise where there will also be the leaders of Cgil, Cisl and Uil, Maurizio Landini, Annamaria Furlan and Carmelo Barbagallo. The managing director, Lucia Morselli, should be present for Arcelor Mittal. But at the moment the conditional is a must.

Commissioners prohibited
ArcelorMittal's ban on inspecting commissioners within the company helped fuel the level of tension that was already high on the matter this morning. A decision negatively commented also by Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Economic Development: "Today there will be a meeting with the company asked for the unions", but still "today the company has banned inspectors from inspecting. I believe it is a very serious fact that will have to have an adequate response "said the minister on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Terna Italia Montenegro power line.

The anger of the undersecretary
Alessia Morani, Undersecretary for Economic Development and Basic Reformist, intervenes firmly on the matter: "We will in no way allow Arcelor Mittal to plunder the largest Italian and European steel company. Arcelor Mittal is implementing actions altogether illegitimate even preventing inspectors from inspecting. We know that we will prevent the switching off of the blast furnaces because the former Ilva is a national heritage and no one has to afford to use it to speculate ".

Landini presses on the government
"On Ilva the Government must overcome some delay. And above all, if Arcelor Mittal is asked to respect the agreements signed, the Government must also do so." This was said by CGIL secretary general Maurizio Landini. "With Uil and Cisl we are talking about common initiatives to be undertaken". "At the Arcelor Mittal, we say that he rented the Ilva after winning a race and cannot decide now to close it after signing agreements that also included investments. Among other things, I think it cannot even be allowed". "When Arcelor rented Ilva, the company was fine and today we cannot accept that it will go away like this. We discuss the timing but not the disengagement from Taranto, as well as from Genoa and Alessandria; only thousands of jobs are being discussed, but also an idea of ​​an industrial system. With steel, everything is done ".