According to the parliamentarian, in order to fulfill the tasks of the national projects “Education” and “Digital Economy”, which, among other things, imply an increase in the share of the population with digital skills, it is necessary to improve the qualifications of teachers in computer science.

It is proposed, together with technology companies, to open on an ongoing basis educational "digital classes" with the holding of trainings for computer science teachers.

According to the legislator, this is necessary, in particular, for computer science teachers to improve their skills and modernize teaching methods.

In addition, Yurkov in his appeal proposes to conduct Digital Etiquette, Digital Literacy and Digital Culture, and Cross-Communication in the Digital Environment trainings on the basis of Russian technology companies for educators in the format of all-Russian webinars.

Earlier, the Minister of Education of Russia Olga Vasilyeva criticized the level of teaching computer science in Russian schools, noting the shortage of specialists in this field.