12 November 2019Attack of a pirate commando in the Gulf of Mexico against an Italian ship. According to the Adnkronos, two Italian seafarers were injured in the assault, one struck by a blunt instrument to the head and one wounded by a shot in the knee: neither of them is in danger of life.

The commando composed of 7-8 pirates reached the "Remas" aboard two fast little boats and, after getting on board, opened fire on the crew, robbing them of what was possible, learns the Adnkronos. So the pirates left the ship and left.

At the time of the assault, 35 people were on the ship, including an officer from the Mexican Merchant Navy, who then coordinated contacts with local authorities. The two wounded were disembarked in the port of Ciudad del Carmen, where Remas arrived escorted by a Mexican military unit and where the alerted medical personnel were located to rescue the two seafarers.