Today's East Asia Summit Discussion of territorial issues in the South China Sea, November 4: 7:36

ASEAN = Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the East Asian Summit with participation of Japan, the United States, China, etc. will be held on the 4th, and will exchange opinions on regional security, such as issues related to the territorial rights of the South China Sea.

At the ASEAN series of summits held in Thailand, the East Asia Summit will be held on the 4th of the last day, with 18 ASEAN member countries including Japan, the US and China participating.

The summit is expected to discuss issues relating to the sovereignty of the South China Sea, where the US and China are in conflict.

Before this, China's Prime Minister Lee Keqiang entered the field from the 2nd, and met individually with ASEAN leaders, and on the 3rd, attended a summit meeting between China and the 10 ASEAN countries to make an allegation over the South China Sea. I am trying to attach the support.

On the other hand, the United States will only be dispatched to the presidential aide, and it will be noted how much presence can be shown at the East Asia Summit on the 4th with limited contact with ASEAN leaders.

The summit will also discuss North Korea's denuclearization, which is expected to call for an early resumption of the stagnant US-North Korea talks.

ASEAN Chairman Statement Concern about South China Sea issue

On the 2nd, the statement of the chairman of the summit meeting of the 10 ASEAN = Southeast Asian countries held in Thailand was announced. On the other hand, the content of the program also showed consideration, such as welcoming the progress of cooperation to prevent conflicts.

In the South China Sea, Vietnam, which has a territorial dispute, called for support at the summit meeting with Thailand to be vigilant about China's movement, and at the summit meeting between China and ASEAN on the 3rd, the Philippines He mentioned that he said that all countries should comply with international law, and this chairman's statement was paying attention to how strong his attitude toward China was.

According to the Chairman's statement announced on the 3rd, “I paid attention to some concerns about land reclamation and other activities” over the issue of the South China Sea, which strengthened China's expansion into the ocean. The phrase “I confirmed the necessity of avoiding the action to be performed” was included.

The statement included an expression of “concern” about China's concerns, but welcomed the progress of negotiations with China to develop rules aimed at formulation to prevent conflicts in the South China Sea. It became contents that showed consideration such as doing.

Rohingya problem support team established

The ASEAN Summit Chairman's Statement states that a temporary support team will be set up to solve the problem where more than 700,000 members of the Myanmar Muslim minority, Rohingya, are forced to evacuate to neighboring Bangladesh. Was also included.

A support team will be set up at the ASEAN Secretariat to support Myanmar's efforts to return refugees.

The UN Secretary General Guterres, who attended the meeting with the leaders of ASEAN countries on the 3rd, said, “We will fully support ASEAN and Myanmar's efforts as a UN” at the conference held after the meeting. The idea of ​​welcoming the new efforts as ASEAN for

As far as Rohingya refugee issues are concerned, ASEAN has taken the position of respecting the thoughts and actions of the Myanmar government from the principle of non-interference with domestic affairs. We will be paying attention to how much we will become more involved in the future.