A women's wrestling show held in Saudi Arabia on Thursday for the first time in the Kingdom's history has sparked a huge interaction on social networking sites, and most of the reactions were rejected and condemned the establishment of such games in the Two Holy Mosques. On the other hand, some tweets expressed their support for this event.

Entertainment Authority (2018) apologizes for the appearance of an indecent woman in men's wrestling events !!

Entertainment Authority (2019) adopts a women's event for free wrestling !!

What happened in just one year to change your position from apology to pride, O # entertainment_?

- His Excellency (@Mrbrary) October 30, 2019

Many Saudi singers poured their anger on officials of the entertainment authority because the match at the King Fahd stadium was part of the "Riyadh season", which is supervised by the authority headed by adviser Turki al-Sheikh at the royal court with the rank of minister.

#We reject_wrestling_women_ in Saudi Arabia
We reject God and reject all that contradicts our religion, customs, traditions and principles
We say it is a word of right that is exonerated by our receivables in Allah
And the fire tbe
And each one decides what Uby from his Lord and follow
Every man has his head and knows his salvation from sins and sins
Atghrkm health and wellness and a lot of money

- The resilience of a woman 🇸🇦 (@Latifa_br) October 31, 2019

The wrestling organization "WWE" in its official account on Twitter that the first women's dispute in the Kingdom will bring together "Natalia" and "Lacey Evans."

Our country is clearly targeted.

The jealousy must say their word and crack the right so that the # entertainment_device in the other.
If we do not hear them now, when ..!

- Giving up (@TAFRIT_KSA) October 30, 2019

The rejectionists stressed that this event contradicts the Islamic and Arab identity of the Saudi people, and some singers reminded the president of the entertainment authority of its commitment to respect the activities of the authority to the customs and traditions in the Kingdom, whose people are known as conservative and religious, and its territory includes the most sacred places for Muslims.

Al-Haramain Borders and the boundaries of the Holy Mosque and Mecca places have sanctity and status .. Other than the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- Abdullah Fahad ♓️ (@ BuSaleh24) October 30, 2019

Others cautioned that a stark contrast was the holding of the women's wrestling match on the same day as the ritual prayer in response to King Salman's call for rain.

On the other hand, some singers defended this event, saying that it is still normal, and that the refusal of this game is an option not to attend and leave the choice for fans of this type of sport.

#We reject_wrestling_women_ in Saudi Arabia

Reject what you refuse with how you are, this is happening, either you live with it, or if you don't like it, the door misses a camel, inform the country overland with their logic

- Hakeem Tarabulsi (@hakeemtarabulsi) October 31, 2019

Saudi Arabia has undergone significant social changes in the last few years, beginning with Prince Mohammed bin Salman taking over as crown prince in mid-2017, sparking mixed reactions between rejection and support and another group that chose silence and neutrality.

Riyadh authorities allowed concerts after decades of ban, lifted the ban on women driving, and reopened cinemas and theaters.